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Our focus is on business process analysis, redesign and automation, to eliminate data entry inaccuracies and reduceprocessing costs by up to 80%. By providing automatic extraction, validation and export of business critical informationfrom documents into back office systems, we save organisations time, money and make their jobs easier!

Whether you’re interested in simple data capture, electronic workflow or dynamic case management, Efficiency Leaders’ innovation can help you become a Leader in Efficiency!


To be the Most Innovative, Customer Focused, Leading Provider of Efficiency Solutions, in the World!


To provide a nurturing environment for our people which promotesinnovation and professionalism, empowering the creation of globalleading efficiency solutions and building long term sustainablerelationships.


1We will present ourselves in a professional manner at all times

2We will conduct our business according to the principles oftrust, honesty and integrity

3We will make a significant change in the lives of others,through charitable donations and assisting aspiringprofessionals with career development and opportunity