Efficiency Leaders Automation Platform

Reduce processing costs and data entry inaccuracies by 80% or more!


This often results in significant hard cost savings, with the reduction inprocessing staff required, and allows for a solid foundation for growth, without the requirement of increasing headcount.

When automated intelligent data capture is combined with meaningful business logic and electronic business process management, significant process efficienciesand cost avoidance is realised.

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AP Automation at a glance

ELAP® Premise is a global award winning system that brings innovation in every critical step of the AP Automation process.


ELAP® Premise is integrated with your company Finance and Business systems, providing a simple, easy and effective method to process your supplier invoices, saving you more than 80% of current processing cost, time and human errors.

ELAP® Cloud can process and store the most importantinformation from your supplier invoices, in just a few seconds!

Unlimited processing power, scalability and the most advanced processing technology available, means that our service is fast, accurate, safe and secure!

ELAP® Mobile is the culmination of years' of innovation beingbrought to life to empower participants to make informed decisions, wherever they may be! It will provide an Easy, Fast and User Friendly engagement for users to participate in the process and keep the accounts payable process flowing.

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“The Efficiency Leaders team across the board has come together to ensure we have a solution that is robust and delivers on the requirements, whilst minimising our cost, which is a fantastic outcome.”


Gregg Liebenberg
Solutions Manager, Zespri International